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Control System for the Asphalt Industry
4th Generation


Mipro M4


In order to improve our fourth generation system MIPRO M4, we analysed the experiences of over 500 automated systems from all major manufactures worldwide, in order to offer our customers the most advanced, optimized software.

Visualization is based on the graphic engine MigaLive. This function, depending upon the complexity of the production plant, has a fluid animated display, with up to 20 frames per second. It offers intuitive operation from multiple monitors simultaneously.

Secure for the Future
phoenix.pngMIPRO M4 runs on Windows 8 and exclusively uses readily available international PC and control components. The I/O level is decentralized and flexibly connected via Phoenix Interbus-components. Real-time functionality in 5ms cycles is realized via Phoenix ILC.

The control system was developed based on object-oriented methods in order to be as flexible and efficient as possible in implementing the various procedural and administrative tasks of the modern asphalt factory.

Depending on the scope of the plant components, the control system can function on 1 to 4 monitors. Likewise, the control architecture allows for partial automation of production, including the skip hoistway, burner control or the addition of special additives such as foamed bitumen or RAP materials. Optionally, the complex Asphaltek can be replaced by a simplified database system for recipe entry and analyzing processes.

The system automatically stores events messages, batch-related protocols, production logs, and cumulative consumption and energy quantities. Based on this information, a complete transparency of the entire production process is attainable via the Asphalthek. All compiled data can be printed in reports and interfaces or transferred to external programs.

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